Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"Spring Security 3" published by Packt

Recently (well, actually more than a year) I had not much time for updating this blog - this is because we started our own business and own project, which is very challenging and consumes 100% of my precious time.

This month, however, I was contacted by Packt Publishing, as they just published the book on Spring Security 3 and asked me if I would like to get a copy of this book, in order to write a review. From what it seems (at least looking at Amazon), it's the very first book on the market dedicated to Spring Security (there are books on Spring, containing some chapters about Spring Security, but it looks like there was no book on Spring Security itself). Obviously, I was interested, and just today I found the book in my mailbox. First impressions are very good: for example, fast scanning of the book reveals many UML and pseudo-UML diagrams, presenting decision flows and Spring Security classes hierarchies - this is great, personally I believe that learning this framework without such diagrams is hardly possible. The plethora of Spring Security classes, interfaces, and relations between them, makes them really hard to follow - that's why such diagrams are so important.

So, I start to read the book, and you can expect a new post with the book review soon.

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