Monday, December 15, 2008

SpringSource Certified Professional exam passed!

Last week I passed the SpringSource Certified Professional exam. In previous years I passed some Sun's certification on Java: SCJP, SCBCD and I must say that Spring certificate was much more difficult. There is no mock certification accessible on the net. You don't know what kind of questions you can expect. The passing threshold is much higher (75 %). There is no much information about it on forums like JavaRanch. I was able to find only one post somewhere on the net from somebody who passed this exam. He said it was more difficult than he expected. I agree: it was much more difficult than I expected, so I was really happy (and proud of myself!) to see that I passed it with result 94%, which means only 3 wrong answers out of 50 questions.
I can only guess that there are still not so many people around the world with this certificate, as this is relatively new exam, difficult one, and you cannot pass it "just like that": you have to go through Spring training first, or use the "grandfathered candidate" path. As there were no training in Poland yet (first one is scheduled in March or April next year) I had to ask for the "grandfathered" status. Fortunately, I was allowed to take the exam.
Based on those observations, I'm pretty sure there are no many people in my country having this certificate. Perhaps I'm even the first one in Poland to hold it? Who knows.


José Díaz Díaz said...

Congratulations man. I am giving the exam on 20 March 2009 in Peru.
If can give more information a my email is


Grzegorz Borkowski said...

Unfortunately, I'm not allowed to give you any detailed information about exam. However, there is one hint I can give you. The "sample exam questions" document available on Spring's site lists many questions regarding mostly IoC, JDBC, transactions, and mentions that there are also others about JMS, MX, remoting etc. This gives you impression that the most of the questions on the exam will touch "core Spring": IoC, transactions etc, and only few will touch other topics, like remoting or JMS. This is actually not true. In my case there was the same amount of questions from every category, and this was kind of surprise for me.

Ramesh said...

Hi Grzegorz,
Can you please give some guidelines how to learn spring frame work?
Your help would be appreciated.

Thanks in Advance,